Crypto Secret Santa

26 days to Christmas


How does the whole secret santa thing work?

Good question, let me explain:

  1. You craft a present of erc20 and/or erc721 tokens and pool them in my smart contract
  2. More people pool their presents
  3. Christmas day Fri, 25 Dec 2020 3 PM UTC arrives
  4. The elves and me shuffle the presents in the pool
  5. Log in here and withdraw the present someone else pooled for you

Was the contract audited?

No, not profesionally. I encorage you to review the contract on etherscan 0x5c204b44900B666801528be90AFd132CB544733c

Does santa charge us for his services?

No, hell no. But Santa will get access to unclaimed presents after 1 year.

Can i buy santa some cookies and milk?

Sure, my address is: 0xc702fF2316F74054D33675BE3fCbEFF96F71ea8d

Can i top up my present after i pooled it?


How random is the pooling

It's as random as ethereum allows for a simple implementation.

Can i withdraw my present after i pooled it?

No, once you are in you are in.

Will santa rug pull us?

No, this is not defi.

Is there an emergency shutdown in case of a hack

Yes, it will allow all users to withdraw their deposited funds as if it would be christmas already

My question wasn't answered here, can I flick you a message?

Sure, secretsanta2020x@protonmail.com

The UI/UX sucks, care to explain?

Santas designer elf is on paternity leave, i spare you the details.

My tokens / nfts don't show up

erc721 tokens need to implement the name() interface, erc20 tokens the symbol() interface, otherwise it won't show up

Santa doesn't do mobile, visit on desktop / ipad instead